Earthen  funky  folksy and vintage are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe tribal jewellery.   Even in the olden days, the tribes used every imaginable form of jewellery  be it be the chunky necklaces, cuff bangles, and dangling earrings or exotic items like ear cuffs, lip rings,  toe rings bajubandh septum ring so on.  In most of the tribal  jewellery there may be missing stones, faded and broken  threads . The colours mainly depend on nature in  nut  seed and chunky  beads.  Rich Amber beads , hot red in  coral, rich blue in turquoise and lapis  light white colours in bones are mostly found in tribal jewellery along with big and bold  natural stone beads. Their designs also include various forms of animals and birds such as horse  peacock elephant parrot and in  fish forms. 

Even in the olden eras, there were ornaments to prettify every significant part of the body. This is evident from the fact that several elaborate handmade ornaments had been excavated from Mohenjo-Daro and other sites of Indus Valley Civilisation.  A semi-nomadic people, the various Turkmen tribes. Turkmen jewellery is the most desired jewellery of the modern time.

Tribal inspired jewellery is the hottest trend these days and can be seen anywhere and everywhere from red carpet to the fashion streets, to TV shows. Their vivid colours, big chunky beads, asemtric, bold and chunky vintage silver pendents, old vintage coins, turkmen jewellery, silver hasulis, vintage silver unconventional geometric designs and out-of-the-box look are what appeals to the onlookers at a glance. Be it casual movie afternoons or formal evening celebrations or casual lunch with friends or kitty parties, it has caught up fast with evolving interests of celebrities, socialites and teens as well. Their uniqueness has made them a part of the hip-hop cult and even heritage for many. The best tip to these  embellish your modern look with some statement bold tribe inspired ornaments with chunky beads is to pair them up with a simple kurta and Jeans or Indian attire, khun sarees or even t-shirt and allow the ornaments to steal the show. The appeal of tribal jewelry lies in its chunky, bold and unrefined appearance..



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