Gemstone Beads

Gemstone Beads

Druzy Beads

Druzy beads are rocks or gemstones that have formed a coating of tiny crystals. These are one of the gorgeous looking gemstone. They are a naturally occurring stone, and they can be turned into various types of beads that is why  lookwise they look happzard, have craks but one of the superior beads which look fabulous when worn as necklace, chokers, earring or any other accessory. Druzy stones are actual gemstone which because a natural occurrence have formed a layer of crystallization on the stone. ... Because these are natural gemstones and the layer of crystal druzy is not man made, there is no chance of the layer of druzy crystals from falling or rubbing off.



Corals are one of the richest and the most glamorous semiprecious beads because of its bright colour and shapes as well. Red corals grow on rocky sea-bottom with low sedimention, typically in dark environments—either in the depths or in dark caverns or crevices. .Coral beads and jewellery are perfect statement pieces that complement every wardrobe. As one of the most versatile and vibrant gemstones,  coral often appears in bead form on different pieces including bracelets, necklaces or earrings..etc


Agate beads are superior and unique gemstone from the brand chalcedony quartz mineral family. There are many varieties of Agate available, each one visually different as it's found in many pretty colors, shapes and sizes and are of impressive shades of natural colors and contrast in the band patterns it contains. When combines with sterling silver pendent and components, these make a spectacular jewellery.


Lapis Lazuli, or lapis in short is the richest of the  semi-precious gemstone which is the most important gem form of Lazurite. As a result of contact metamorphism, its formation usually occurs in crystalline marble, so it is technically categorized as a rock rather than as a mineral. The highest quality stones have a blue to purplish-blue hue and an even color, with a tone of 75-85%. Bluer lapis tend to be in the lighter range, and stones with purple hues tend toward the darker range. There are many types shapes and sizes in lapis make a spectacular jewellery.


Mookaite beads are of a bold and earthy elegance that can catch your eye and leave you captivated. Though they are smaller and mostly shapeless yet  It's a popular gemstone all over the world because of its many healing properties and the colour.  And of course, it's stellar and unique beauty! Mookaite is a variety of chalcedony and is very popular because of its gorgeous purple colour. More recently, the Mookaite is a favorite to include in healing layouts because it represents the earth element, making it a stable and grounding complement to other stones. When used with silver its looks absolutely goegeous.


Onyx primarily refers to the parallel banded variety of chalcedony, a silicate mineral. Agate and onyx are both varieties of layered chalcedony that differ only in the form of the bands: agate has curved bands and onyx has parallel bands. The colors of its bands range from black to almost every color, these are most beautiful beads to make jewellery with.

 Amber Beads

Amber is fossilized tree resin that has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty. Much valued from antiquity to the present as a gemstone,  Amber is used in jewellery look gorgeous and make a statement jewellery. These are tribal beads and very rare to find.


Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral. It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. These are one of the richest and gorgeous looking beads and has many colours, shapes and size.







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